Advanced training course:

"Global climate change and the basics of carbon regulation"

The purpose of the program:
The climate agenda is becoming more and more relevant for all spheres of life, both the socio-economic systems of the country and the world, and for every person. The relationship between the economic activities of organizations, the management system of economic systems and the environmental situation in the region is becoming more and more pronounced. Issues related to ensuring the minimization of harm to the environment in the long term come to the fore.
The purpose of this professional development program is to provide students with all the necessary knowledge about the causes of climate change, to understand the "climate" legislation and practical measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The course is recommended for people with higher or secondary vocational education working in the field of carbon regulation and environmental reporting.
The main objectives of the program are to form general concepts about the impact of greenhouse emissions on global climate change;
  • studying the legislative and practical foundations of carbon regulation in the Russian Federation;
  • analysis of companies' activities in the field of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • formation of practical measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • preparation of mandatory reporting;
Our partners
This program was created and is being implemented on the basis of the largest educational institutions of the Nizhny Novgorod region:
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